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  • 14 Jul / 2014

What bloggers say about Reunion Island

The #GoToReunion bloggers spent five action-packed days swimming in the warm waters of the Indian Ocean and discovering the treasure that is Reunion Island.

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  • 03 Jul / 2014

#GoToReunion: It's a wrap

Our nine #GoToReunion bloggers have done an awesome job of featuring Reunion Island, using Twitter, Facebook and Instagram – they snapped and uploaded hundreds of… Read more

  • 03 Jul / 2014

Video: Best Lookout Ever – Journey through Reunion Island

Reunion Island is home to some of the most beautiful scenery in the world, and a video has been released to prove this.

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  • 02 Jul / 2014

#GoToReunion bloggers wind down

What better way to wind down and relax, after five action-packed days that included canyoning, microlighting, paragliding and hiking, than staying at the beautiful Lodge… Read more

  • 02 Jul / 2014

#GoToReunion bloggers up in the air

#GoToReunion blogger Katie Auld, ‏@KatiAuld, summed up this morning’s activities in a tweet: “Just flew over a million-year old reef, sugarcane fields, a casual volcano,… Read more

  • 01 Jul / 2014

#GoToReunion bloggers – canyoning an ancient lava flow

The Island of Reunion has had many surprises for our team of nine bloggers, including spending hours in a village where only 30 people live,… Read more

  • 30 Jun / 2014

#GoToReunion bloggers enjoyed a trek, a cat and a tiny village

Our #GoToReunion bloggers hiked to Cayenne, a tiny village in Mafate, where they fell in love with a gorgeous kitten, had lunch and interacted with… Read more

  • 30 Jun / 2014

Highveld Stereo discovers Reunion Island

Highveld Stereo presenter Tholi B discovers Reunion Island.

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