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  • 11 Nov / 2014

Why Should You #gotoReunion?

Why Should You #gotoReunion? SureTravel has a few good reasons.

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  • 03 Nov / 2014

10 Pictures of Reunion Island

The end of the year can be a struggle, with the last days of work in sight, but too much to get done before we… Read more

  • 23 Oct / 2014

#gotoReunion: The Video

Earlier in 2014, 9 top bloggers from around the world spent 5 days discovering the secrets of Reunion Island. This is what their trip looked… Read more

  • 15 Oct / 2014

#Mascarun: The Video

From the 7th to the 14th of September 2014, top South African travel trade experts descended on Reunion Island for the 2014 #MascaRun Challenge. The… Read more

  • 10 Oct / 2014

Hiking to the mystical Mafate with Expert Vagabond

Cirque de Mafate is a volcanic caldera, formed long ago when part of volcano Piton des Neiges collapsed.

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  • 06 Oct / 2014

Eating your way through Reunion Island

Writer Ishay Govender-Ypma asked me to tell her a little bit about the flavours of Reunion Island. My senses were flooded with memories of vanilla,… Read more

  • 03 Oct / 2014

Five tastes of summer on Reunion Island

As Reunion Island heads into summer, here are five of the best tastes to indulge in when you land.

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  • 03 Oct / 2014

Eating your way through Saint Paul's Market

Delicious smells, bright colours and hundreds of tasty things to snack on. The Saint Paul’s Market is a foodie’s paradise.

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