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  • 29 July 2016

But where do you begin? How about the skies…

Paragliding over the island with nothing else but the birds to keep you company is a sure way to get your adrenaline pumping, or cruise over the mountains in a mircolight! But for extreme adventure, try parachute jumping! At an altitude of between 3000 and 3800 meters, you jump out of the plane and descend at a rate of 200km/h with the wind whistling in your ears, you see the ground approaching fast, and then your parachute deploys and you land safely on the island.

But if you want more adventure in the skies then a helicopter flight around the island is an absolute must. Thanks to the expertise and skill of the pilots, the flights offer magic and surprise at the diversity of the landscape that the island offers.

Once you are back on land though, what better way to go exploring than donning your hiking boots and trekking up and over the spectacular mountains, hills and valleys that forms part of Reunion. The calderas and volcanoes are the main attractions which hold magnificent waterfalls, lush forests, hills and valleys ripe for exploration. The walks range from easy to difficult which allows something for every type of hiker. Everybody will find something to their taste and level: from the famous "sentiers marmailles" half-hour family walks to the "Grand Raid". There are over 1,000 km of trails, not to mention the two big hiking trails that crisscross the mountains of Reunion

And while you are reveling in the beauty of the mountains, why not take to canyoning. While it has been around for years yet it is only now becoming widely popular. Canyoning is a combination of hiking, climbing, or rappelling to the bottom of a river canyon, then following that canyon to a spot where it’s fairly easy to hike back out. Thanks to its diverse and rugged interior terrain, Reunion Island is one of the world’s premiere canyoning destinations.

Mountain biking is also a great adventure sport to take part in on the island, and although it is quite extreme and many of the trails are recommended for experienced riders only, there are some that are geared towards novice or intermediate riders.

By now, you will be ready to cool down and what better way than in the gorgeous blue ocean water while scuba diving? With over 1,000 species of fish and five species of sea turtles can be found in the rich coral landscapes, the lagoon offers the perfect environment for divers to discover the rich sea life below the waves.  The lagoon is thanks to the coral reef bordering its western coast.

Jet Skiing, Kite surfing, paddling or simply some good surfing is yet another way in which Reunion promises to thrill the adventure seekers. But big game fishing, sailing or simply swimming in the ocean makes sure that there is something for every visitor.

When searching for the ultimate adventure getaway, look no further than Reunion Island. It will certainly thrill you! #gotoreunion

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