Reunion Island food you have to try

  • 11 December 2014

Reunion Island is a true melting pot of cultures; the French Department is home to people who are descendent from a number of countries, and each culture has made its mark on the island. 

People from India, Malaysia, China, France and Africa all call Reunion Island home. Their cultures are evident in their dress, temples and churches, and in their food.

To experience the island's food, tourists often stop to buy eats sold by vendors, who set up shop along the streets. Some favourites are chicken grilled over open flames, fresh fruit, and a baguette stuffed with meat, covered in cheese sauce and grilled.

Cari is a local dish made with Indian spices. Photo courtesy of Dplanet::

There are also “guest tables” where locals open their homes to tourists for them to get a true taste of Reunion cuisine.

When you are on the island, there are three things you have to try:

  • Cari is a flavourful Creole dish made with Indian spices, tomatoes, ginger and garlic, to which meat, fish or chicken is added, and then simmered. The dish is served with rice and accompaniments such as salad and sambals
  • Crêpes come from the French influence. Crêpes are thin pancakes that have delicious sweet or savoury fillings. You can buy freshly made crêpes from street vendors or at many restaurants
  • Galettes are rustic tarts that are filled with anything from fresh fruit to savoury fillings like eggs and cheese. You can buy galettes at many of the patisseries on the island
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