Reunion Island in 10 Pics

  • 24 July 2015 | By Katarina Mancama

South African Blogger, Katarina Mancama from My Slow Journey recently visited Reunion Island. They say that a picture speaks thousand words. Here's Kat's ten thousand word Reunion story.

Sunrise. This image doesn't really require a caption. When on an island, watch the sun rise over the ocean!

Rum punch. This punch, made with fresh fruit juice and rum, is like Reunion in a glass; sweet, colourful and enough to bowl you over!

Embracing Reunion. I have fallen totally and utterly in love with this island!

Palm leaf baskets. Weaving baskets, trays and decorations from palm leaves is an old tradition on Reunion. Today, it is a skill that is slowly dying, but the government has started a new programme where artisans get compensated for teaching the craft to the younger generation.

Mist in the valley. Reunion has so many different landscapes and microclimates. Only minutes away from this lush valley, we entered the moon landscape of the volcano Piton de la Fournaise.

Cabaret Pat'Jaune. At this cabaret, close to Le Tampon, you will be served local cuisine and old folk music by the very talented quartet Pat'Jaune.

Fine dining. This is France, and fine cuisine is a religion!

Rasta man. His dreadlocks reach well below his waist when he lets them down (which he only does to wash them in a sacred waterfall). He says that they represent all the peoples of Reunion, living in harmony.

Mesmerizing lava patterns. Reunion was created by a series of volcano eruptions, and these rocks were formed thousands of years ago, when the lava flowed into the ocean and solidified.

Chinese food. This is probably one cuisine that you can get in a local interpretation anywhere in the world. The Reunionaise one is absolutely mouthwatering! Best washed down with a cold Dodo beer.

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