Getting there

Getting to Reunion Island

Air Austral offers direct flights to Reunion Island from various cities (including Paris, Bangkok and Johannesburg), so visit its website for details.

There are direct flights between Johannesburg and Reunion Island twice a week with Air Austral. 

Flights depart Johannesburg every Thursday and Sunday at 11h15, and arrive in Reunion at 17h05. (Reunion Island is two hours ahead of South Africa.)

Flights depart Reunion every Thursday and Sunday at 07h50, and arrive in Johannesburg at 10h15.

Direct connections from and to major cities in South Africa are available with South African Airways and British Airways.

Return fares to Reunion Island from South Africa, with Air Austral, are listed below:

From Johannesburg - R5500.23 including taxes

From Cape Town - R10072.69 including taxes

From Durban - R9492.69 including taxes

From Port Elizabeth - R10874.69 including taxes

Visitor information

For any information you need about visiting Reunion Island, please visit the Reunion Tourism website, or submit queries by email.

Basic travel tips

  • South African passport holders do not require a visa
  • The currency used on Reunion Island is the euro (€)
  • French is the official language of Reunion Island, but communicating in English is possible
  • Browse a range of accommodation options on the official tourism site
  • The average annual temperature on Reunion Island is 24 degrees Celsius 
  • There is no malaria, and no travel vaccines are required
  • Reunion Island time is two hours ahead of South Africa
  • All plug points on Reunion Island are two-point – take adaptors with you

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