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Episode 10 - Patrick Baud

Episode 10 - Patrick Baud

Patrick Baud created Axolot, a curiosity-collecting blog recounting the wondrous and weird, yet true. He presented the Exocet programme on radio Raje through to 2008, already telling tall stories. Once he had started his blog in 2009, his concept branched out to a YouTube channel featuring podcasts, books and comic strips. He shows just how incredible the world is, managing to surprise his audience, and examines the most amazing of mysteries.

Nationality: French
Profession: Author
Bibliography: "L'Homme qui sauva le monde et autres sources d'Ă©tonnement" (The man who saved the world and other sources of amazement)
"20 Inconnus au destin hors du commun dont vous n'avez jamais entendu parler avant" (20 unknowns with an extraordinary destiny you never heard of before)
Distinctive feature: He has an account on an audio platform to relate quirky anecdotes, taking the listener on a journey into strangeness.
Hobbies: Strangeness
Quotable quote: "I think what people like is realising just how incredible this world is."

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Amazing Landscapes and people

1. Which places or experiences stuck out most during the shoot on Reunion Island?
What not to mention? Hiking through the Cap la Houssaye savannah at sunrise, doing a balancing act over rock heaps, betwixt mountain and ocean, was a magic moment. The blow-hole spattering sea spray at sunset was another.

2. What's your favourite memory from the shoot on Reunion Island?
The landscapes and friendly team atmosphere, obviously. Driving the vintage Peugeot 403 along the coast was a rare privilege!

3. What was the most surprising thing you discovered about Reunion Island?
It was my first visit, so I had no idea what to expect. I discovered total multi-culti magic: a melting-pot of people, cultures, beliefs, which was a pleasant surprise.

4. Why would you recommend Reunion Island to your friends?
Utter beauty. Gentle lifestyle. That little mysterious something. And how people from all horizons rub along happily together

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