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Episode 9 - Caroline Ciavaldini

Episode 9 - Caroline Ciavaldini

She soon took part in competitions. After winning several gold medals in the indoor World Junior Champion, she turned to outdoor climbing, recording her adventures around the globe in photos and footage on her blog "Once Upon A Climb" with her SO, James Pearson. Constantly on the lookout for under explored mountains, on the move for 9 out of 12 months, she visited over 7 destinations last year.

Nationality: French
Profession: Professional mountaineer
Titles: Bronze medallist in the Kaohsiung World Games in 2009
Climbing World Cup gold medallist in Chamonix in 2011
Distinctive feature: She can scale climbing routes of grade VIII and above
Hobbies: Travelling
Quotable quote: "When I climb a cliff, I pay no heed to grading, climbing is really a game for me."

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The mix of colours, traditions and religions and the harmony

1. Which places or experiences stuck out most during the shoot on Reunion Island?
The whole film crew stayed in a beautiful villa in Saint-Gilles, just behind the port. I spent a lot of time in Saint-Gilles in my childhood, boating or diving, but I never went in one of these villas. This place is my idea of paradise, with the simple rooms around the pool and the typically tropical vegetation.

2. What's your favourite memory from the shoot on Reunion Island?
We headed into Tévelave forest to shoot some scenes and I had never been there before. At 900 meters the arid vegetation changes dramatically. There are forests full of tamarinds, wild guava trees, lichen and orchids. It's so unique and different from anywhere else in the world and you always feel safe on Reunion where the animals are all harmless and that's really precious.

3. What was the most surprising thing you discovered about Reunion Island?
I ate a steak tartare in Saint-Gilles, in between two local caris. That was so unexpected!

4. Why would you recommend Reunion Island to your friends?
The island is really quite unique in the world. I've travelled a lot and I've never found a small haven of peace like it. Of course, the geography, the flora and fauna are really interesting. But what I like most is the mix of colours, traditions and religions and the harmony this creates. Reunion exemplifies tolerance, peace and understanding.

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