Fran Giffard
Fran Giffard - Bird Illustrator and talented artist

Fran Giffard - Bird Illustrator and talented artist

Having graduated from the University of the Arts, London in 2010, she had already put on a good dozen solo exhibitions and participated in 40-odd group exhibitions. Her exhibitions feature a profusion of exotic and common or garden birds who seem to come to life as she sketches. She paints with watercolour and poster paint, as well as producing line drawings. Her work is incredibly life-like, produced on pages of her moleskin diary which doubles up as a canvas and her random notes. She draws inspirations from the bird collections at the Natural History Museum of London and the hundreds of species she watched on her travels to Bermuda, Réunion Island and Hong Kong.

Nationality: British
Profession: Bird Illustrator
Exhibitions: Myriad birds - O for ornithology
Distinctive feature: Uses pages from her moleskin diary for illustrations
Hobbies:Drawing, walking, cooking and travelling
Quotable quote:"I love cooking and often add recipes to my works."

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Interview with Fran Giffard

1. What site or filming experience did strike you during the shooting in Reunion Island?
I was struck by Reunion's national park. The view of the three calderas was extraordinary. It was a very beautiful site and obviously brimming with nature and life. My only regret is that I didn't get to explore more of it.

2. What is your best memory of the shooting in Reunion Island?
My best memory was drawing the birds of Reunion from life. Some were illusive, while others seemed to crave attention. I had never seen a mynah bird before going to Reunion, so it was a real treat to see and hear the mynah mimicking the other birds. It is a very special creature.

3. What is the most unexpected thing discovered in La Reunion?
I had not anticipated the beaches being so beautiful nor the sea so warm! It was really lovely to play in the waves and to find so many shells on the beach.

4. Why would you recommend Reunion to one of your friends?
I would recommend Reunion as it is a very special place. The national park is great for hiking and exploring. The beaches are beautiful, clean, and full of treasure. The weather was very warm, even in the winter! And lastly the people were very friendly

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