Reunion Island hosts the Mercedes Open Golf Championship

Reunion Island hosts the Mercedes Open Golf Championship

The Mercedes Open Golf Championship is currently taking place in Reunion Island until the 26th of November at the Golf de Bassin Bleu course near St. Gilles les Bains.

This event is part of the French international professional and amateur doubles series and the Mercedes Benz amateur trophy. Open to amateur players licensed by the French Golf Federation and to foreign players, the two competitions are sure to be tough. On the golf greens of Bassin bleu in St Paul, Colorado in St Denis and Golf Club de Bourbon in l’Etang Salé, competitors will play to become the “champions of France”.

Golf du Bassin Bleu (GBB)
Located on the west coast between Saint-Gilles-les Bains and the Hauts de Saint-Gilles, the 18-hole Golf Bassin Bleu is nestled between impressive ravines and forests of eucalyptus. The 5,923 meters of the course combine vast panoramas of the Indian Ocean and play in the forest. A restaurant, gym, wellness center, swimming pool, reception and cocktail service are available daily.

The Golf Club de Bourbon (GCB)
The Golf Club de Bourbon which was established in 1969, was initially a 9 hole before being converted to 18 holes in 1991. Located in the heart of the forest of Etang Salé, this golf course offers a course of 6,225 meters on relatively flat terrain. However it has the reputation of being very technical and therefore delights experienced players.

The Golf Club of Colorado (GCC)
Perched at 660 meters altitude in Colorado Leisure Park on the heights of The Mountain, the 2,317 meters of the course of the Colorado Golf Club is extremely hilly and therefore technically demanding! Although only a 9-hole course of the island it offers magnificent views of St. Mary northeast to St. Paul in the west.

Reunion Island offers you a fun-filled getaway to the island. Paragliding over the island with nothing else but the birds to keep you company is a sure way to get your adrenaline pumping, or cruise over the mountains in a mircolight! A helicopter flight around the island is an absolute must.

Canyoning, hiking over the spectacular mountains, hills and valleys that forms part of the island or paddling is yet another way in which Reunion Island promises to thrill the adventure seekers.

There is so much to see and do on the island, gaze at the scenery, or laze at one of the lagoons, enjoy authentic Reunionese food and dance, visit the St Paul Market or simply relax! However you choose to spend your time on the island, be prepared to be in awe!

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