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Solar Eclipse

Solar Eclipse

For the island of Reunion, the last visible total eclipse occurred in 1901 and the next one will only happen in the year 2200 .

Riveting and exciting at the same, nature seems to defy the odds on this little island.

This magical island, nestled comfortably in the Indian Ocean and a mere four hour flight from Johannesburg on Air Austral, has been declared the perfect location to view this astronomical event by astronomers of the Observatoire de Paris Meudon

The expected annular eclipse of the sun, will take place for about three hours between 12:20 to 3:40pm today, 1 September 2016. Most of the island will be plunged into twilight, as the moon moves between earth and the sun, leaving a fire ring in the sky - and the islanders are set to make the most of the event.


The exact time of the eclipse’s stages vary according to the observation point. Wherever you are, these are the approximate time of each stage of the eclipse :

1st stage from 12h22 p.m to 12h24 pm

2nd stage from 2h08 p.m to 2h10 pm

Main stage from 2h09 p.m to 2h11 pm

3rd stage from 2h09 p.m to 2h12 pm

4th stage from 3h42 p.m to 3h43 pm

The total duration of the eclipse is around 3 hours and 19 minutes.

The main stage lasts for 2 minutes 45 secondes (at Saint-Pierre)

Don't forget to tag us in your photos if you are one of the lucky spectators that will be observing this rare event. For more information,

Reunion Eclipse
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