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Beautiful Indian Ocean Destination

Beautiful Indian Ocean Destination

Reunion Island - Beautiful Indian Ocean Destination

Nestled within the Indian Ocean is the Island of Reunion, a true tropical gem waiting to be discovered by the adventurous traveler. Situated 3000km off the coast of South Africa, this island destination makes for the perfect getaway for those looking for an experience with a twist.

Reunion Island offers you majestic landscapes which intertwine with coastal cities and hidden villages nestled in the mountainsides. From the famous cirques to cascading waterfalls and pristine beaches you will be spoilt for choice during your ventures on the island! There is so much to do and see on Reunion Island and it is all about the experience.

Cultural Treasures -

Reunion Island is not all about spectacular landscapes and adrenaline filled activities, there's plenty to compel culture enthusiasts too. This French overseas territory offers a unique fusion of Creole, African, Indian, Chinese and French influences. Cultural diversity forms an integral component of the island's social fabric. There's a wealth of architectural treasures, historical sites and vibrant festivals that allow you to immerse yourself in the local culture, while a smattering of top-notch museums round off the offerings.


The Great Outdoors -

Want to get the heart pumping and the lungs gasping? With its extraordinarily varied terrain, Reunion Island is the destination of choice for lovers of the outdoors. Hiking is often the number-one activity and with some of the most scenic hiking trails in the southern hemisphere, Reunion Island presents a challenge to both the first time hiker and the experienced adventurer! You can scale across the natural landscape and leisurely enjoy the scenery or take the wilderness head on by hiking up to the Piton des Neiges, which is a mighty 3071 meter summit! If you prefer something a little more on the edge you can try paragliding, canyoning, mountain biking, rafting and horse riding across the rugged landscapes.

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Natural Wonders -

Jutting out of the ocean, beckoning to be explored, Reunion Island boasts a truly diverse geographical setting. From majestic mountains, emerald forests to tumbling waterfall and soul-stirring panoramas - these sights will entice even the most timid of travelers to explore the lush landscapes and immerse themselves in unknown territory.

Mountain View

Delicious Cuisine -

Food lovers will have a great time exploring local delicacies! The island’s cuisine is made up of a mix of Creole, Indian, Chinese and French cultures making for a true cultural experience. Revel in trendy beach restaurants that serve the catch of the day or indulge in mouth-watering Creole specialties in quaint little restaurants. The tastiest Creole food is often served at B&B’s, which are famous for their home-cooked hearty meals. Markets are filled of colourful exotic fruits and vegetables, from sweet bananas and huge avocados to succulent mangoes and lychees. There are also plenty of bakeries and pastry shops selling baguettes, croissants and melt-in-your-mouth cakes.


There is nothing not to love about Reunion Island.

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