Couples Retreat on Reunion Island

Couples Retreat on Reunion Island

Couples Retreat on Reunion Island

Imagine long walks on the beach as the sun sets, a helicopter flip over an island with its many waterfalls, some yet to be discovered, or walking through one of many botanical gardens with flowers, trees and other plant species one can only dream of. Romantics who want to do more than lie on the beach during their island holiday should put Reunion Island at the top of their list for a romantic getaway unlike any other.

For the romantic couple who enjoy making new and lasting memories, the volcanic terrain, lush forests, tropical gardens, beaches and warm Indian Ocean is the perfect playground if you are seeking the authentic and captivating thrill of Reunion Island.

Whether your adventure includes hiking through the natural UNESCO heritage regions, canyoning down waterfalls, gliding along in a glass-bottom boat or having a go at SUP (stand-up paddle), there are plenty of activities to keep couples entertained.

Once the sun has set, the fun does not end as the island’s nightlife comes alive with a blend of local bars and beach restaurants entertaining guests with their music and culture festivals. Immerse yourself in the warm atmosphere of Reunion’s nights out. By day there are temples to explore as well as visits to vanilla farms, perfumeries and historic buildings.

So, escape the upcoming winter chill and immerse yourself in the beautiful and spectacular Reunion Island - the ultimate couples retreat.

Coucher De Soleil46 Credit Irt Bruno Tandrya Dts 06 2018
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