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Family fun in Reunion Island

Family fun in Reunion Island

There is little that can curb the excitement of a family holiday to an island destination. The anticipation of all that tropical air could bring a smile to every one’s faces, and even more so when that island destination is Reunion Island!

Located in the Indian Ocean and only a four hour flight from Johannesburg on Air Austral, Reunion Island is teeming with adventures waiting to be discovered. Hiking trails, diving, helicopter flights and paragliding; the list goes on. You will go from mundane to non-stop excitement from the moment you arrive!

Reunion Island, a region of France, conforms to European health standards and so there is no need for any health precautions like vaccines. Therefore, planning a family holiday to Reunion is an enjoyable, stress-free experience, and once there you will discover that just about everywhere is family-friendly with baby equipment easily available, accommodation that is ideal for family tourism, car hire with extra accessories to keep the children comfy and safe, and almost all restaurants can and will plan a menu specifically for the little ones.

With its climate and landscapes, this tropical island offers a wide variety of outdoor entertainment, and a 25km beach protected by a lagoon which in itself can keep a whole family busy from morning to night.

A short walk around the marina of St Gilles leads to the miniature harbor, great for kids, where children can drive their own small boats! Or another popular expedition is on board the little train Rosalie for a journey into the past of the Tour des Roches (St Paul) or along the beaches ("Saint Gilles lontan") complemented with historical commentary and chansons péi (local songs).

Children will just love a whale- and dolphin-watching excursion (among other sea creatures such as sea turtles) at Bato Pèi. Aquarium de la Reunion is also a favourite with families, and it’s not difficult to understand why, as the aquarium is home to some 500 marine species including seahorses, sharks and lobsters.

This Indian Ocean island is jam packed with so many activities for everyone, and it is guaranteed that no family member will ever be bored on their visit!

After a busy day it is time to rest those weary heads and these child-friendly hotels will be sure to make your family holiday feel like a home from home. Depending on where you stay and the age of the children, some of the island’s accommodation establishments do not charge for children sharing with their parents in the same room.

The three-star Hotel Les Creoles, in Hermitage offers a free stay for children under three years old. Here, you can enjoy family time around the large swimming pool, even participate in a fun water aerobics class or try your hand at table tennis or pool. The casual restaurant offers breakfast and snacks throughout the day.

The fabulous kids club at the five-star LUX* Resort Saint Gilles treats children like stars, they have offers throughout the year where kids go free and provide families with a remarkable stay at their property which boasts a shimmering expanse of aqua-blue waters, fringed by a stretch of immaculate sands.

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