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Reunion Island – Your springtime getaway

Reunion Island – Your springtime getaway

Reunion Island – Your springtime getaway

Planning a spring getaway? Why not look at basking in the sunlight of Reunion Island, a tropical gem located in the Indian Ocean, only a short 4-hour flight from Johannesburg. Reunion Island is not only the perfect destination for adventurers looking to get their adrenalin pumping, but also for holiday goers who want to experience the ultimate destination with a difference.

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Reunion Island offers a variety of activities that will get you out and about in nature to stretch your limbs and shake off the winter chill. Start off your adventure by visiting the Wild South and the fascinating lava tunnels (or Tunnels de lave). These extraordinary formations allow travellers to explore the internal structures of hardened lava tunnels and open canyons of ancient formations.

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Next, venture to the hinterland Le Maïdo, where you will surely encounter some striking views and natural scenery. Kiss the sunrise as you hike across the ruggedly lush terrain of Piton Maïdo (the peak), pushing your endurance to its limit while enjoying the overall ultimate hiking venture. If the Piton Maïdo isn’t high enough for your adrenalin needs, then opt for a paragliding experience that will allow you to glide through the open air and across the pristine forested landscapes of this tropical jewel. Try your hand at a canyoning experience which will carry you along waterfall lined canyons offering untouched scenery only seen by the very few. Dip into the refreshing pools and test your limits as you saygood-bye to winter and revel out and about in the sun while enjoying the cool water and having some much needed spring time fun.

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Put a spring in your step and immerse yourself in the creole villages of either Saint-Paul or Saint Phillipe. In Saint-Paul you can expect to encounter some of Reunion’s most exotic spices, fruits and flowers that will get your senses running wild with deliciously delicate aromas. Saint-Phillipe will give you the opportunity to trade spices for something sweet as you delve into vanilla fields while spoiling yourself with some scrumptious local delicacies.

If you prefer a more tranquil romantic tropical getaway experience, then set your sights on Saint-Leu for an amazing coastal retreat that will leave you wanting more! Go barefoot in the sand and leave winter behind while embracing the tropical breeze and warm sunshine. Pay a visit to the local shops and cafes to find some freshly baked croissants or enjoy traditional rum cocktail at the local bar looking out as the coastal waves crash on the shorelines of Saint-Leu.

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Reunion Island is a boundless destination all year round, but is especially marvellous for South Africans who want to escape the cold winter days and exchange the hustle and bustle of the city for something a little more daring. Get your blood pumping, your skin tanned and your feet a little wet with a trip to Reunion for the ultimate spring experience.

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