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Driving around Réunion Island in a day

Driving around Réunion Island in a day

Hit the road! It's entirely possible to drive the circumference of the island in a day, stopping to see some of the most stunning attractions along the way. Here's our guide to driving around Reunion Island in a day.

Without stopping, driving around Reunion Island takes only around 4 hours. But with so much to see and do along the way, it would be a shame to rush the journey! We recommend setting aside a full day, which would afford you enough time to stop at some of the beautiful highlights along the route, enjoy a bite to eat and take all the photos your heart desires!

Saint Gilles Les Bains - swimming and breakfast

Start your day with an early-morning dip in the lagoon, followed by a café and croissant at one of the boulangeries on the coast. Remember to shop for water and road trip snacks for your day on the road.

Saint Gilles to Kélonia - paraglyding

Experience views like you've never seen before when you fly over the beauty of Kélonia. Expert pilots will take you on a tandem flight that you'll never forget, so you can just spread your "wings" and fly!

Kélonia Sea Turtle Observatory

At this environmental observatory, you can get up close and personal with beautiful leatherback sea turtles. The museum is known for their work in the research and protection of the island's marine life, and is a great place for families to spend a few hours.

Kélonia to Point au Sel

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The Natural History Museum's Museé du Sel offers visitors the opportunity to learn about the history of the salt production process on the island. "Passe-moi le sel" (pass me the salt) is an exhibition on the different types of salt available on La Réunion. The museum is open from Tuesday to Sunday from 9:00am to 12:00pm and from 1:30pm to 5:00pm and guided tours can be arranged.

Point au Sel to Le Gouffre de l'Étang-Salé

At this perfect swimmming spot, you can take a dip in the fresh ocean waters in a stunning protected rock pool. Enjoy a packed lunch with a view, or hit the road for a traditional lunch at one of the Creole restaurants along the way.

Le Gouffre de l'Étang-Salé to "The Tip of the Devil"

Stop for the views at the so-called "tip of the devil", where you can sink your feet into black volcanic beach sand.

"The Tip of the Devil" to The Factory Gouzou

Get a glimpse of the colourful art of the island's most famous graffiti artist Jace, at this gallery dedicated to his work.

The Factory Gouzou to Grand Anse Beach

Stretch your legs, enjoy the views and grab a snack at this beautiful beach.

Grand Anse Beach to La Maison Des Terroirs

Visit the Villa des Brises to discover its history, architecture and the story of the family of Alexandre and Marie Payet and to explore the island through the exhibition of the Reunion National Park.

La Maison Des Terroirs to Bassin de Manapany

Another photo stop, where you can fill your camera roll with beautiful views and take a dip in a protected rock pool.

Bassin de Manapany to Black Sand Beach

A natural marvel! This unique black sand is created by volcanic eruptions, when dark-coloured volcanic minerals and rocks are brought to the surface of the earth.

Black Sand Beach to La Marine Langevin

A small naval base, where the water often engulfs the little port.

La Marine Langevin to Cap Mechant

Make a quick stop at this viewpoint for photos and some fresh air.

Cap Mechant to Cratère de 1986

See the spot where the eruption of the Piton de la Fournaise in 1986 cut two lava flows across the N2.

Cratère de 1986 to Escale Bleue Vanilla Workshop

Take a guided tour of the vanilla company and learn about the production of this precious orchid on the island. The workshop is open from 9:30am to 5:30am, Monday to Saturday.

Escale Bleue Vanilla Workshop to Coulée de Lave 2007

The site of 2007's unprecedented lava eruptions. This particular eruption gave birth to a beach north of Tremblet Point; Tremblet Beach. It also allowed for the discovery of new species of fish!

Coulée de Lave 2007 to Randonnées et Tunnels de lave

Schedule a guided tour and explore the lava tunnels from the inside! You'll be blown away by the beauty created!

Randonnées et Tunnels de lave to Anse Waterfalls

Reunion Island is blessed with hundreds of waterfalls where locals and visitors can stop for a swim or just to marvel at their beauty. The Anse Waterfalls are well worth a stop!

Anse Waterfalls to the suspension bridge of the East River

This suspension bridge spanning the East River makes for some dramatic photography!

East River to the Garden of 1001 Flavours

Book a guided tour of the Creole garden, which spans over 4 hectares, taking you on a journey into the world of indigenous, native and exotic plants on the island. Find out all there is to know about coconut, vanilla, sugar cane, dragon fruit and dried banana.

Garden of 1001 Flavours to the vanilla plantation of Domaine du Grand Hazier

If you missed the Escale Bleue Vanilla Workshop, you have a second chance to explore this precious orchid at Domaine du Grand Hazier. See how the plant is grown, learn how the valuable pods are dried and purchase your own vanilla to take home.

Domaine du Grand Hazier to Boucan Canot

By this point, you must be exhausted from your exciting day on the road! Head to Boucan Canot, where you can enjoy a sunset cocktail and dinner on the beach.

All the highlights mentioned can be found on Google Maps, so plan out your route, make sure to have your GPS ready and enjoy the journey!

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