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Reunion Island | Events to look out for

Reunion Island | Events to look out for

Reunion Island is the ideal destination for South African travellers looking to escape the mundane and delve into a unique tropical destination located only a short 4-hour flight from Johannesburg. A trip to Reunion Island has never been easier as Air Austral offers direct flights and South African passport holders don’t require a visa! This year will see some spectacular events take place on Reunion Island that will lure all types of visitors to this gem in the Indian Ocean.

March will kick off this year’s events on Reunion Island with the Makassar Festival, which is dedicated to fine dining and the art of table decoration. The festival will host top French chef’s and wine connoisseurs representing various regions of France, bringing a little taste of the island’s history to those attending this flavoursome event.

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From delectable cuisine in March to partying it up in May, visitors can indulge their senses in one of the biggest music events on Reunion Island. The Les Electropicales is an electric music festival that brings life to the islands peaceful nights, the festival will host a variety of artists from the genre as well as live visual arts performances by both local and visiting artists. This is an event not to be missed by anyone who loves culture, music and a great time.

May also includes the Adventure and Film Festival where filmmakers across the globe flock to Reunion Island to screen adventure films along with local film junkies who have dedicated their life’s work to create films that embody not only the essence of adventure on the island, but also the beauty of low-key activities and subtle moments of exploration. Visitors can enjoy a night out with screenings by the filmmakers along with some fantastic music, chilled vibes and delightful food stalls.

June introduces one of the world’s largest music events; The Safiko Musik Festival, which hosts some of the best national and international artists. The festival was launched in 2004 and has since seen up to 40 000 people flock to the south of Reunion Island for the ultimate music experience. From rock to jazz, pop to drum and base, the Safiko Musik Festival will have it all, also showcasing some of South Africa’s music legends.

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November will start the end of year festivities with the Megavalanche! Hosted between the end of November and start of December the Megavalanche 2018 will see thousands of mountain biking enthusiasts’ cycle in to Reunion Island. This major sporting event will welcome renowned riders from all around the world, as they set out to test their skills and abilities in the heart of the India Ocean. The race will start on the highest peak of the Piton le Maïdo from where riders will venture across the rugged volcanic plains of Reunion Island, before ending their journey in picturesque Saint Paul. The Megavalanche will push even the most skilled riders to their limit on its 20.8km track, before plunging them into the lush forested landscapes that run along sugar cane fields and vanilla plantations.


As November leads into December visitors and culture fanatics can look forward to the renowned Festival Liberté Métisse, which welcomes travellers into the heart of the islands rich heritage with open arms. The Festival Liberté Métisse celebrates the freedom of the people of Reunion Island and takes place mid December 2018. This festival is faithfully attended by passionate locals and travellers alike. This year’s Festival Liberté Métisse will celebrate the 170th anniversary of the abolition of slavery on the island and will incorporate events and festivities that celebrate the heritage and culture its diverse inhabitants. . The celebrations will include influences from Africa, Asia, Europe, India and Madagascar and is a must for the curious explorer!

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Allow your senses to indulge in what the people of Reunion Island have to offer and find out why La Reunion is #theultimateisland!

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