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Reunion Island | Take note for your Mid-year escape

Reunion Island | Take note for your Mid-year escape

Reunion Island has become well known as a destination for adventure seekers and home to one of the few active basaltic volcanoes that can be viewed by visitors willing to hike across spectacular volcanic plains. Reunion Island boasts a plethora of activities that will entice travellers who live for their next adrenalin rush, making it the perfect mid-year escape for those looking for the ultimate experience this year.

Reunion Island consists of 2 500 km² of versatile landscapes filled with a vast variety of geographical terrains and climates unique to its location. Due to its tropical nature, Reunion Island is sunny almost all year round, especially in the northern, southern and western regions where visitors can expect mostly warm temperatures eased by the subtle oceanic breeze that draws in from the coast. Reunion Island also has 300 microclimates, which means that visitors to the island can be basking in the sun at the lagoon in the morning and then be delving into the cool misty mountains in the afternoon.

Reunion Island is a one of a kind destination with landscapes that vary as much as its climates. Travellers can enjoy a beach getaway alongside any of the coastal towns such as Saint-Paul, or explore the natural amphitheatre of Reunion Island by venturing to the cirques - Mafate, Salazie and Cilaos that have been formed over the span of centuries. Some of the other geographical settings include, Piton de la Fournaise, the volcanic plains, as well as the Piton des Neiges which is the highest point on the island.

Where adventure awaits

Reunion Island offers unique experiences to make a mid-year break one to remember, as travellers get to experience the majesty of untouched nature along with adrenalin packed activities and cultural escapades that will have them dancing in rhythm to the island beats.

Things to do on Reunion Island


Expert Vagabond Hiking Mafate

Reunion Island has a variety of hiking trails that cater to all, from beginner to expert. These trails crisscross along both the forested and desert plains of the island, giving hikers the full spectrum of the natural terrain. Hikers looking for hidden gems along their route can opt to venture to the basins found on the island. Beautiful waterfalls found cascading from the rugged terrain make for quite the encounter and will surely leave hikers feeling refreshed. Other trails will lead to the mountainous terrain of the cirques where panoramic views of the entire island can be encountered.

Hiking routes to look out for:

Deux Bras – Cayenne (13 km)
Les Makes (5 km)
Le Chemin des Anglais La Possession (19 km)


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Snorkelling on Reunion Island is an experience unlike any other. It will allow both beginners and experienced snorkelers the opportunity to discover the pristine coastlines of the Island. Approximately 25km of the coastlines can be utilised for underwater adventures. Visitors will love to venture into the lagoons, which are protected by coral reefs and offer an array of marine life and coral clusters.

Top snorkelling spots:

Lagon de L’ermitage
Etang Salé
Lagon de Sain-Pierre

Eat your way across Reunion Island

Food Reu

If visitors prefer more of a foodie adventure then Reunion Island will not disappoint!

Local chefs instil flavours enriched by their history and the Creole way of life into the dishes that, at times, can be down-right spicy or simply delicate on the palate. For travellers who want to taste the freshest fruit on the island then a visit to Saint–Paul’s market is a must. Here, visitors will get to indulge their senses in the local culture and cuisine while being surrounded by the refreshing oceanic breeze. The cuisine found on the island is often relatable to the history and culture that surrounds the chefs on the island – many dishes are inspired by long standing traditions and years of gastronomic amalgamation.

For foodies that want to explore the tastes of Reunion Island in the comfort of their rented accommodation, we have a range of recipes that can be tried and tested to cater for those family feasts. Click here for more information.

Whatever is sought for in a great mid-year break, Reunion Island has it all and more. The ultimate experience awaits!

Reunion Island Tourism Board is represented in South Africa by Atout France. For more information about Reunion Island visit

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