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A Guide to Swimming in Reunion Island

A Guide to Swimming in Reunion Island

Although Reunion has a huge variety of exciting and adventurous land activities to keep you busy, the waters are extremely appealing to visitors and locals alike. While open ocean swimming and surfing is forbidden, there are more than enough protected parts of the lagoon to enjoy and many beautiful waterfalls to cool down in. Here is a guide to enjoying the waters of Reunion Island.

Swimming in the lagoon in Reunion Island

Reunion Island Lagoon

Due to the abundance of marine life in the waters surrounding the island, swimming and surfing in the open ocean is forbidden. While the waves may look exhilarating for a surf, surfing could result in a fine. Instead, head to the West Coast, where the lagoon offers a protected environment for swimming, snorkelling, supping and kayaking. The clear water is like an open-air aquarium, where tou can spot a number of colourful tropical fish!

At L’Ermitage-Les-Bains you can enjoy the beautiful beach with ample shade under the filaos trees that line the coast. Restaurants serve breakfast, lunch, dinner and snacks and there are masks and snorkels for rent. In La-Saline-Les-Bains you can enjoy a complimentary sun lounger when you purchase snacks or drinks at the beach restaurant Planch Alizé. Relax in the sunshine, enjoy a swim and hang around for sunset, when the beach comes alive with locals and visitors. From June to September you’ll have the almost daily opportunity to spot whales right from the beach.

Swimming in waterfall pools in Reunion Island

Reunion Mike Eloff

Jumping, sliding and even doing backflips down thundering waterfalls is a favourite pastime of locals. Reunion Island’s unique climate and topography result in hundreds of waterfalls across the island - and almost as many sparkling natural pools. It’s possible to enjoy these natural water parks on an excursion with a canyoning guide, who will provide wetsuits and protective gear and guide you down some of the island’s most beautiful falls. If you’d rather spend your day with a picnic and the occasional icy dip, that’s possible too. At Langevin, you can find a spot on a rock and enjoy the natural environment and the sound of waterfalls in the distance.

Swimming Pools in Reunion Island

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Hotels on the island are the best place to find a break from the tropical heat in cool waters. Most have their own private pools which guests are welcome to enjoy. But if you're staying self-catering and don't have access to a pool, there are a few public pools you can access. Find the Piscine Municipal Saint Paul at 43-47 Boulevard du Front de Mer, and another public pool at Rue de la Source in Saint-Denis. The Piscine Du Baril is located in Saint Pierre and the beautiful Piscine Municipale in Salazie is worth a visit if you're in the area. Piscine de Vue Belle has a beautiful view at Chemin Jonction, La Saline Les Hauts. Kids will love the slide at the Piscine Municipale du Centre Ville in Saint-Joseph.

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