Booking a Tour Guide for Reunion Island

Booking a Tour Guide for Reunion Island

Although Reunion Island is the ideal destination for adventurous travellers to explore by themselves, having a tour guide to introduce you to the insider secrets to the island is recommended for those who desire a deeper level of understanding of the island. Whether you're interested in a multi-day hike, an exploration of the Piton de la Fournaise, or a eating your way around the island, a local guide can show you the secrets that make Reunion Island such a unique destination.

Personalised tours can be arranged with your guide, who can also assist with driving if you'd prefer not to drive around the island yourself. Having a guide is also helpful if you struggle with French and would like someone to take over communications for you while on the island. Booking your guide in advance is essential, and it means that they can help you plan your trip and offer expert advice and tips for your visit. Each guide listed below specialises in tailor-made trips and experiences and would be happy to create a bespoke itinerary for your visit, based on your interests.

Antoine Lozza

Antoine is passionate about Reunion Island's natural beauty and history, and loves to share his insights with guests during his tours.


Telephone: +262 (0) 692670383

Veronique Rochard

Veronique is an expert hiking guide, and can take you into the mountains for multi-day adventures in the heart of the island.



Telephone: +262 (06092 750 400

Philippe Techer

Philippe is an adventure-seeker who can take you to secret spots for swims in icy mountain pools by day and show you some of the island's best nightlife after dark.


Telephone: +262 (0)692 95 37 03

Nicolas Barniche

Niko is a fantastic, versatile guide who can spend the day hiking with you along even the most difficult routes on the island, or take you on a drive to some of the island's most beautiful sights.



Telephone: +262 (0)692 810 313

Ready to book your trip?

Getting to Reunion Island from South Africa is easy with Air Austral. Have a look at the Getting There section of the blog, for more details on flights and basic travel tips.

We have excellent relationships with several local tour operators who know the island and our offerings inside and out and can help you book your trip. View our Book Here section to find your perfect booking partner.

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