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What to Pack for Reunion Island

What to Pack for Reunion Island

The climate in Reunion Island is mild year-round, but depending on your planned activities, you will most likely need a lot more than a swimsuit and a pair of sandals. With so many different exciting activities to enjoy on the island, your suitcase should include a variety of clothes for both warm and cool weather, a few different pairs of shoes and of course, hiking boots!

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What to Pack for Reunion Island

A holiday in Reunion Island typically consists of days that start before sunrise and end long after sunset. Days can also consist of several "seasons" in a 24 hour period, as the island has more than 200 micro-climates across the North, South, East and West. For example, temperatures on the West Coast don't often drop below 23°C, while inland, in the cirque of Mafate, evening temperates can dip below 10°C in the evening.

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Hiking is extremely popular on the island, with more than 1000km's of pristine routes criss-crossing the island. The routes are clearly marked and excellently maintained, making them easy to follow and enjoyable for hikers of every fitness level. If you're planning a hike to the remote village of Mafate, be sure to pack a warm jacket, thick socks and even a knitted hat for the evenings. You could also face bitterly cold winds hiking up to the Piton de La Fournaise, so if you plan on tackling it, be sure to dress warmly.

Reunion's capital city of Saint Denis brings a tiny slice of Europe to this Indian Ocean island, with cosmopolitan stores and boutiques and more high-end restaurants and cafés. The typical temperature in this part of the island is between 20-30°C, so you won't need heavy sweaters or warm items for this part of the island. Light, cool fabrics, like linen and cotton are perfect.

Everything you need to pack for a trip to Reunion Island


Beach attire


Casual attire for warm evenings on the West Coast

A hat and sunglasses

Exercise/hiking clothes and hiking boots

A warm jacket for hiking to the interior of the island

Warm sleepwear for overnight hikes in the mountains

Tennis shoes that you don't mind getting wet for aquatic hikes (canyoning)

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