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When should I visit Reunion Island?

When should I visit Reunion Island?

With a hot sub-tropical climate and almost year-round mild weather, Reunion Island is a destination you can visit any month of the year. Temperatures rarely dips below 23°C and every day is a beach day. Planning your trip to Reunion Island and more specifically, when to plan your trip to Reunion Island, mostly depends on the activities you're planning.

The weather is hot and dry from May to October, with temperatures peaking around 25°C. July is peak holiday season on the island, with many visitors travelling from mainland France (the Metropol) to the island for their summer holidays.

With July being peak season, you can expect to spend more on accommodation and flights as demand soars. The energy on the island is palpable during these months, when many Europeans take their summer holidays and head to the island for a tropical break.

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September is whale season, and visitors are able to enjoy whale watching from the beach almost every day. You have the option to join a whale watching cruise, or just train your eyes on the ocean from any coastal road to spot a tail waving as you go by.

Even the so-called "cool months" are warm enough to enjoy the lagoon, but remember that the island has over 200 micro-climates, so it's advisable to pack warm clothes for hikes in the mountains or at the volcano. The interior, including Mafate, Cilaos and Salazie have vastly different climates, so it's entirely possible to enjoy a dip in the ocean on the coast in the morning and experience rainy weather in the interior in the afternoon.

The humidity picks up from November to March, with January and February being the wettest months on the island. Even so, rains are warm and short-lived, with rainfall coming down in short spurts.

Looking for a cultural experience? Plan your visit around one of the island's many cultural or religious festivals. There is something happening almost every month of the year, from the famous New Year's Eve festivities on the coast right through to the infamous Grand Raid ultra-marathon in the mountains.

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